Table 2

Topics Teaching hours
Lectures LW Seminars SIW SIWT
Introduction to the course. Subject, object and tasks of the course
Russian conquest of Central Asia and Russian-British rivalry in the region
The Qing conquests in Central Asia and Chinese rule over Eastern Turkistan
“Great Game” in Kashgarian in the end of the XIX c.
5. Soviet-Chinese Relations during 1917-1924
6. Great Britain and Central Asia after World War I
7. Great Game and Afghanistan
8. British policy in Tibet in 1912-1933
9. Soviet help to Xinjiang governor Sheng Shicai in the 1930s
10. British-Xinjiang relations in the 1930-1930s: British consulate in Kashgar and trade relations
11. Turkic Islamic Republic of Eastern Turkisdtan (TIRET) in 1932-1933 in Kashgaria
12. Political changes in Xinjiang during the 1940s
Revolution of three districts (sanqu geming) or Eastern Turkistan Republic of in Ili, Altay and Tarbaghatay in 1944-1949
American consular service in Chinese Central Asia in the 1940s
End of ‘Great Game’ in Chinese Central Asia: Communist takeover in 1949


SPW.№1 Concept of ‘Great game’ in Central Asia and its application to Chinese Central Asia

  1. Concept of “Central Asia” and “Chinese Central Asia”
  2. “Great game” as a rivalry for supremacy in Central Asia
  3. Classic “Great game” period: from Russo-Persian Treaty of 1813 to the Anglo-Russian convention of 1907
  4. Application of the concept of ‘great game’ to Chinese Central Asia
  5. Russo-Persian Treaty of 1813 (Treaty of Gulistan)

SPW. №2 The Russian conquest of Central Asia and the Russian-British rivalry

  1. Main stages of the Russian conquest of the Kazkah steppes
  2. Conquest of Tashkent and annexation of the Kokand Khanate
  3. Patronage system of relations of Russia with the Khiva and Bukhara Khanates
  4. British-Russian delination of boundaries in Afghanistan

SPW.№3 Qing conquests in Central Asia and Chinese rule over Eastern Turkistan

  1. Qing conquest of Zhungaria and Kashgaria in the XVIII c.
  2. Qing-Russian relations in Central Asia
  3. Uprisings of the local Muslim Turkic population in Xinjang
  4. Boxers movement in China and Muslim uprisings in the end of the XIX century
  5. Overthrow of the Qing Empire in Xinjiang; setting up of Kashgaria Emirate, Taranchi Sultanate in 1864
  6. Restoration of the Qing power in 1876
  7. Turning of Xinjiang into province of the Qing Empire in 1884

SPW №4 The Great Game in Kashgaria in the end of the Xix c.

  1. Relations between the Russian Empire and Yakub-bek
  2. Diplomatic and military relations between the British Empire and Yakub-bek
  3. Yakub-bek and the Ottoman Empire
  4. Restoration of the Qing power and exodus from Kashgaria